Plein-air pen and wash on paper

Iron Oxide

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Iron Oxide is the name of a new Art-Supply store, located on the ground floor of the old fire-hall  in Nanaimo. The official opening is slated for Friday, January 10, 2014. The owner invited local artists to create artwork for an exhibition in the new store on opening day. The theme of submissions in any medium is to be “RUST”, which I believe is somewhat synonymous with iron oxide. This is a clever way to introduce potential clients to this new enterprise; rumor has it that more than 50 artists submitted work for this occasion. Detailed information on this store can be obtained from http://www.ironoxideartsupplies.comDSC_0025

Anyways, I am attracted to projects like that as it gives purpose to my painting activities and thus I searched my collection of photographs. DSC_0023A series of pictures from the Forestry Museum in Duncan  produced many samples of rusted equipment that was used many years ago in forestry, and that  had been exposed to our wet climate in a forested park in Duncan. I produced about a half dozen paintings in the last two weeks leading up to Christmas with varying degrees of success. Two paintings titled Rust l and Rust ll shown here were accepted by the organizers of this event. It was fun to manipulate reds and brown pigments on a moist surface with the addition of little bits of blue dropped into the mix.



Iron oxide came a long way since their opening inaugural exhibition back in 2004. This store now stacks up to



any  big city outfit  as it  is stocked with an amazing selection of brand name  products that are reasonably priced; right in downtown Nanaimo.

Every Month there is a new exhibition of paintings. Anyone can participate, check their website for details. This month I submitted one of two paintings with the obligatory theme “Roots”



Their website is


Author: John Hofman

my email is Website:

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  1. Love the detail on the rust pictures!

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