Plein-air pen and wash on paper

Sunday Morning

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On Sundays many offices are closed allowing better access to locations where one can settle down comfortably to make a sketch. This sketch was made from a bench that is protected from the rain, positioned between large stone columns that support the roof of the Great National Land Building. On work days someone is usually using  this bench.

By the time , the pen drawing was finished I was cold enough to seek refuge in a nearby coffee shop  to recover before returning to my spot and to complete the painting process. Weather conditions had improved then and the sun came out occasionally to light up the scene and to throw some shadows.



Pen sketch

A Sharpie fine point pen was used for the original pen sketch looking down Commercial Street from this heritage building. It is located at 17 Church Street and has been here for more than 100 years; the view from this location probably changed over these years.



Sketch + colours

A 9″ x 12″ Fabriano watercolour block was used, with a cold pressed surface finish and with 100% cotton, which is currently my favorate and only replacement for the sketchbooks that were lost in the fire, last month.








Author: John Hofman

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One thought on “Sunday Morning

  1. Incredible! Amazing artwork!-JW

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