Plein-air pen and wash on paper

Raw Logs Export

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Logs are collected in log booms that float in the Nanaimo Harbour between Protection Island and downtown where we can see this operation from our apartment window. Every two to four weeks a ship loaded with logs leaves the harbour. If one googles “raw logs” on the internet, it is obviuos that it is a controversial subject; people arguing on all sides of the issues involved with timber harvesting and exporting.

I started a new 9″ x 12″ watercolour block from Canson. It has a cold pressed, 140 lb. durable surface and does not buckle. The pen will glide nicely over this paper, however the watercolour pigments distribute quite differently over the areas than they do on a paper with 100 % cotton fibre. It works, but it takes some time and effort getting used to. It is much cheaper and one is less inhibited with anxiety to risk wasting a precious piece of expensive water colour paper, as every painting is somewhat of an adventure.

Nanaimo Docks

Nanaimo Docks

I like indusrial subjects, but the red colours of the two ocean liners moored there while being loaded with logs, is what attracted me the most. After I started drawing, a cargo ship with containers moved in and partly covered the subject; there was no choice but to include it as well.


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