Plein-air pen and wash on paper

Cruise Ships

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Every so often a cruise ship docks in Nanaimo. This is a festive occasion as all of downtown comes alive and gets flooded with visitors. On those days I like to sit somewhere with my sketchbook, watch the people  and draw the scenery; it feels like tourist in your own town. One of my favourites is the farmers market that opens up on those days as it does on every Friday during the summer. Today it was so busy that the only sitting room for me was at the very end of this Plaza where the fountain is located. The big oak tree in the middle obscures the bastion tower from this vantage point;  a local icon which I always like to include.



These pictures look very yellow as I used a “moleskine” (brand name) sketch book that has very warm white paper. The surface of this paper tends to “repel” the first wash, which provides an interesting effect.


The Modern Cafe

Another spot is on the steps of the “great national land” building that is currently occupied by a software company, I believe. There is a bench for employees to have a coffee and smoke break. I settled down and tried to capture the last bit of sunshine illuminating the guests on the patio of the Modern Cafe with the shadowed building itself in the darker background.



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