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St. Andrews

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This Church located on Fitzwilliam in Nanaimo is a prominent landmark heralding the “Old City Quarter” section of downtown, which is separated from the waterfront area by the Highway. Originally, probably going back 100 years or so, the area of the highway  was an inlet from the ocean that got filled in with waste products from the coalmines. The steep cliffs overgrown with broadleaf mapletrees and flanking this area on both sides is what is left from the original topography. The bridge on Bastion Street connects the two historical sections of downtown nanaimo.



St. Andrew’s United Church

Built in the late 1800’s, this was originally a Presbyterian church. The main church hall is configured as an amphitheater under a huge domed ceiling. It has great acoustic qualities and is often used for performing classical music concerts. During one recent Christmas season, we attended a performance of Handel’s Messiah in this building where everyone got a book with the text and the sheet music to sing along; an unforgettable experience.


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