Plein-air pen and wash on paper

Farmers Market on Pioneer Plaza

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Every Friday morning from 10:00 am till early afternoon a variety of vendors set up shop on the waterfront plaza downtown overlooking the harbour. A variety of locally produced crafts and farm products is presented here attracting lots of spectators and buyers. This is a very lively affair with a  musician performing in the background.

June 3 Farmers market

June 3 Farmers market

There is a nice spot with benches behind a fountain that will provide this view. I spent as much time as necessary to produce a reasonable pen sketch before applying watercolours. The challenge and also the fun part is getting the people in it. Sometimes people talk to vendors or stare at displayed items, and stay put in one fixed position for 5 to 1o seconds or more, but rarely long enough to my liking, to get these figures incorporated in my scenery. The paper surface of this sketchbook is designated for “Watermedia”, but it is less than ideal for absorbing and distributing watercolour pigments, compared to “100% cotton” products.

Similar to previous years, later in the season there are probably less merchants, so that I can find a different  vantage point that will include the Bastion tower in the background. By two o’clock in the afternoon merchants start to pack up and within half an hour the whole place is deserted. Anyways, weather permitting, I will be back there next Friday around 11:00 in the morning.


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