Plein-air pen and wash on paper

Home-made Sketchbook

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This is actually a modified sketchbook. It has smooth 90 lb paper allowing the pen to glide nicely over the surface. However, it is probably less suitable for watercolours.

Originally all the pages were glued together on one side. I prefer a sketchbook with a spiral so that one can fold it over to expose any page without removing pages and keep it on your knees or lap. If the spiral is on the short side there is the additional option to use it in a panoramic format as shown here. So I modified it to suit my needs.

Floatplane Terminal

View of Cameron Island and Floatplane Terminal

This sketch was made in the afternoon sitting on a bench in a cold wind. After a while my hands were so cold that I decided to finish off the drawing in a coffee shop nearby called Java-wocky.

The building to the extreme left contains the apartment on Cameron Island where we live. It is too complicated to detail, so that only the general areas are shown with symbols suggesting balconies, windows, setbacks and other features, within the envelope of the overall building shape; same for the tower next to it. The building on the right hand side with the sloped roofs is the lighthouse bistro and bar which has my favourite IPA beer on tap. It is also used as a floatplane terminal and is a great subject to paint or draw with the old, big oaktrees in the background.


Author: John Hofman

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