Plein-air pen and wash on paper

Post Cards

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At one time people would send post cards to their friends back home when on holidays. As I had this package  of pre-made cards of water colour paper for some time now,  it was worth a try.

Heeswijk Castle 2

Heeswijk Castle 2

Heeswijk Castle 1

Heeswijk Castle 1

Heeswijk Castle 3

Heeswijk Castle 3

St. Servatius Church Schijndel

St. Servatius Church Schijndel

Molenheide Resort

Molenheide Resort

These are 4″×6″ in size, 140 lbs Strathmore paper. It takes me allmost as much time to make these mini-pictures as it would for a normal size; same thought process. I prefer larger sizes with more room for my hands to move around; 9″ x 12″ minimum.

These were produced at the kitchen table, copied from (my own) photographs, when we were killing time inside during extended periods of rain.




Author: John Hofman

my email is Website:

One thought on “Post Cards

  1. They are very nice and colorful and if you don’t know someone to send them…;-) The last two are my favorites 🙂

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