Plein-air pen and wash on paper

St. Jan Cathedral

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Tuesday, we were on a guided tour of the St. Jan’s Cathedral in den Bosch. Only had 20 minutes to make a quick sketch of the busy street in front of the church.

Church Street Den Bosch

Kerk Straat (Church Street) in Den Bosch

This is in the centre of the old City where many streets are only accessible to bicycles and pedestrians, yet they appear very busy.

The tour of the cathedral was a unique experience as we were allowed on top of the building, actually walking through the eaves-troughs that were made accessible with stairs and an elevator provided by the contractor who was making major renovations. As far as I can remember, there is always a section of this building covered with scaffolding as this medieval church seems to need continuous repairs. It is a spectacular building with overwhelming detail, too much to sketch in a hurry.

I am looking forward to another opportunity to visit this city and make some sketches of street-scapes.  It is a town with amazing contrasts in architecture; heritage versus modern, innovative building forms.



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