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Boat Houses

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There are several small boat marinas along the Nanaimo waterfront, some with boat houses for the more wealthy customers I presume. The one that is most interesting and visible from shore is Stones marina, located close to the BC Ferry terminal. It has a variety of individual little and big (some old) floating houses. I keep getting back to this spot as it is also at the end of my level surface bicycle trail. Continuing your bike trip from here means pushing uphill for a long punishing stretch. It also implies leaving the waterfront and the older section of town. Further down the road, subjects that make interesting pictures become scarcer, although that is could be arguable.

The Blue Tarp

The Blue Tarp

Except for the gable-end boathouse in the front, boats are entered from the side that is not visible from here. The door opening is covered with a blue tarp in an opening that is peculiarly shaped to accommodate boat shapes I presume. Next time I will reduce the blue colour and keep the sides of the opening straight. Like someone once said, leave  anomalies to photographers to “capture”.


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