Plein-air pen and wash on paper

City Hall

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The old City Hall building in Nanaimo sits on a hill side in a well groomed garden or park that overlooks downtown and affording some glimpses of the ocean as well. Today, I found a comfortable spot in this park to make this sketch on a double page in a small 5″ x 8″ sketchbook using a calligraphy fountain pen. These have a flat tip that you can move sideways for a thin line, but will produce a fat line when drawing the flat side of the tip over the paper surface. This is fun to play with and I look forward to a repeat performance with a sketchbook that has a landscape format so that a fully opened double page can be used for a total panoramic view of downtown.

Partial view east from City Hall.

Partial view of downtown looking east from City Hall.

Some of the tall buildings in the background are probably originating from 60’s or so, others  stem  from more  recent times or even the new millennium. The buildings closer to the foreground are for the most part heritage buildings that are lined up along Skinner Street and Commercial Street and are backing up to Terminal Avenue; exposed to this view. The total array of these buildings does not look like they were scrutinized by a design advisory panel or a planning committee; they may have been built and altered or expanded over the years without planning guidelines, building codes or maybe even without building permits? Who knows; the actual variety of shapes and sizes, and the irregular layout, perhaps outright messy may be the proper term for this, makes it an attractive subject for sketching.



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