Plein-air pen and wash on paper

Sunday Afternoon


A quick sketch while sitting on the steps of a store entrance portal as it is closed on Sundays. Cars parked in front of me, coming and going leaving just enough time in between to glance the information across the street and jot it down in my sketchbook.

Fitzwilliam Street

Fitzwilliam Street

Just remembered that it is #inktober2016

Author: John Hofman

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27 thoughts on “Sunday Afternoon

  1. Lovely. Thanks.

  2. hello
    it is awesome

  3. I like the linear quality of your work.

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  5. Draws you in, doesn’t it?

  6. You know, the drawing gave life to the street

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  8. The sketch gives a different perspective. It has a calming effect.

  9. Those look like the old-fashioned transformers on the electric poles, the kind that used to blow out during times of heavy use – a picture of a street frozen in time except that it looks like TV cable strung along the poles below the transformers – a nod to modern times.

  10. Awesome sketch love the detail !

  11. Even reality can’t be this much good….

  12. Seems like Berisso city near Buenos Aires

  13. Awesome drawing skills!

    Best Regards

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