Plein-air pen and wash on paper

Also on Front Street.


My previous post showed the Courthouse on Front Street. Next door is another heritage building referred to as the Globe Hotel.

Front Street

The Globe on Front Street

This pen and ink sketch was also produced while sitting in my car using the only pay parking spot available at the time. It is too close to the Globe Hotel, so that only a section of the building is shown with other buildings behind, continued on the adjacent page in my sketch book. It shows a Greek restaurant that has been closed for many years, and a tall apartment building.



Author: John Hofman

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3 thoughts on “Also on Front Street.

  1. I was cruising around on WordPress and saw your sketch of Fitzwilliam St. ( Oxy, McLean’s etc.) and thought, Hmmm that looks like downtown Nanaimo. Imagine my surprise when I looked closer and found that it was indeed Nanaimo. Love your work especially because I am a life long island girl and know every single one of the locations of your works.

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