Plein-air pen and wash on paper

Artwalk Second Day

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On Sunday the weather was beautiful and many people came downtown to participate in the artwalk.

To make the time productive while sitting at Artzi Stuff I started another sketch, again looking up Chapel Street, this time using a watercolor block. Several visitors were curious or interested and made conversation on my work in progress, while others appeared oblivious to drawing or painting and moved right by my little set-up inside the store.

I started with a pen drawing, taking care to get the perspective reasonably correct, the building walls vertical and to get the “street furniture” such as traffic signs and cars in the right place and proportions, while editing the actual scene a bit in the process where necessary.

Pen Drawing of Chapel Street.

Pen Drawing of Chapel Street.

Then it was time to get the brushes and paintbox out and apply some water colours. At this tine, the sun had disappeared behind Mount Benson and I used a photograph that I took in the morning  as a reference for the shadow patterns.

Chapel Street

Chapel Street

When I got home  a pen was used again to do some more scribbling for adding “definition and “weight” here and there.



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