Plein-air pen and wash on paper

Winter Projects

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Although it is officially not yet wintertime, the weather conditions make outdoor sketching uncomfortable. Years ago I would frequently  park the car somewhere and make a sketch with or without a watercolor wash, however these days we prefer to leave the car parked in the basement and head out on foot or with a bicycle.

Instead of sketching we head out to a studio close by where we can work on projects. Currently I have a series of paintings  depicting grain elevators buildings on the board, based on photographs of Didsbury, Alberta from about 30 years ago. I suspect that these once magnificant structures are now replaced with revenue generating developments.

This project started more than a week ago with a lot of enthusiasm using paper that was already used on one side which eliminates any inhibitions one may have about wasting expensive watercolor paper.



Anyways, I made about a half a dozen quarter sheet pictures based on two photographs, and could produce another six and still not be satisfied with the results but I have to stop somewhere. In any case, the people that requested this have  some choice and the remainder goes on the “pile” in a drawer where most of my stuff ends up.


Author: John Hofman

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