Plein-air pen and wash on paper

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Two more pictures from Fitzwilliam Street in Nanaimo’s Old City Quarter sketched on a 9″x12″ watercolor block.


The first one is a street scene with the Fitzwilliam Gate in the centre; an open air Mall covered with a skylight. Several cozy stores and coffee shops that seem to be very popular can be found here.

The second one depicts a row of heritage buildings lit up by the early morning sun providing bright colors and deep shadows. I was so preoccupied with these lights and darks that I forgot to add a parked car and/or some people to the scene for mitigating the impression of a gost-town.  There is also a huge antenna structure on top if the Telus building in the background that was left out of my picture on purpose. This building is probably one of the most important buildings in town considering our current cellphone culture that a lot of people seem to be immersed in. However, the physical size and shape of this facility could not have been any worse on this street; an ill-fitting industrial building that may not be easy to relocate. Incidently,  a similar tower/antenna structure located two blocks west from here, was recently dismantled.


Author: John Hofman

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