Plein-air pen and wash on paper

Graffiti on Skinner Street

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Graffiti is considered vandalism and rightfully so as it defaces public or private property. However, having said this, it is difficult to avoid comparing the quality of the graphics displayed on walls of buildings.

A typical product of creative  vandalism can be seen on the back wall of a nightclub along Skinner Street. I sketched these mundane buildings on Sunday as that is the only time that the view is not obscured by parked cars.


Graffiti depicted on the right hand side bottom corner.

This scene was sketched standing up outside in the cold, not very comfortable and not my usual way of working, so the drawing was a bit rushed. The wash was added later inside under more comfortable conditions.

The reason for doing this is that I committed to making one picture for each day in January and decided to come out of the gate with a good start. This event or project is organized by PAN, Plein Air Nanaimo; check out their facebook page.



Author: John Hofman

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