Plein-air pen and wash on paper

Flowers with Ink and Wash

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This time I stopped by a flowershop and made some photographs. One picture was selected to work from. First the colour photo was reduced to black and white; it is much easier to see where to place the dark and light areas. Obviously, the original example was changed quite a bit in format and in overall shape of this potted plant.

After drawing the oulines with a black pen, I like to play around with colours by dipping different pigments into an initial light wash and then let it dry. This is followed by adding darks in subsequent washes, while aiming to restrict the choice of pigments to three primaries. However, it is hard to resist dipping into one or two pre-made greens for expediency, particularly when there is so much area to be covered of this one hue.



Author: John Hofman

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