Plein-air pen and wash on paper

Weather for Sketching Outdoor’s

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This afternoon the conditions were quite reasonable for sitting outside to make a sketch. It looked like all the people of Nanaimo had the same inkling as it was busy along the waterfront walkway; even the ice-cream store was open.

I settled in on a city bench facing the lighthouse bistro and out of the main thoroughfare. I like the shape, the setting and complexity this building. It is also approachable for drawing or photographing from  different directions on various docks around the harbour.


This building is supported on a forest of timberpiles in the harbour and is surrounded by tugboats,  dragon boats and floatplanes. I have used it as a subject several times before and will probably (or certainly) use it again throughout the upcoming spring and summer.

Instead of colouring the ink drawing in a traditional manner reflecting the actual colours, I tried to take a more  graphic approach. It did this back in the studio, as it was still too cold for sitting down along the waterfront much longer than a half hour.



Author: John Hofman

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