Plein-air pen and wash on paper

The Dinghy Dock

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The Dinghy Dock is a popular floating bar/restaurant connected to Protection Island.

Last Monday we had a break in the weather; magnificent sunshine to replace the snow and the rainstorms that we typically endure at this time of the year. I used this rare occasion to walk along the waterfront with a camera and take some shots of the city, the harbour and everything else that was bathing in a golden light normally occuring on winter mornings shortly after sun up.

I took several shots from the crab fishing dock, towards the City and in the opposite direction towards Protection Island. One of these was used for this painting in the studio.

The Dingy Dock

The Dinghy Dock

Since I was reluctant to embark on such a panoramic view, I made a trial version on student grade paper before going to a nice sheet of Fabriano cold pressed paper, about 8″ high and 18″ wide, shown here.

The dock is also used as a terminal for a foot ferry connecting this little Island to the City Centre.  I forgot to include the cute little boat that is used for this; it would have been useful to break up the long horizontal coastline. It is to be included in the next edition as I have a lot of photographs of this ferry, but never had a use for it.




Author: John Hofman

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One thought on “The Dinghy Dock

  1. Another wonderful piece of art John 👍🏼

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