Plein-air pen and wash on paper

Cheers for Chairs.

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Today I was locked in quarantine as I had a sore throat, forget what the doctor called it, but I got a prescription and was told to stay inside. It does not take long before it becomes boring being stuck in an apartment looking out of the window and watch the world go by.

To pass the time, one could do some drawing. Once you get started it becomes quite entertaining and time flies.

We have different wooden chairs that can be challenging to draw. I use a pen with water-soluble ink and a wash using a brush pen for watercolor markers. The paper used has a glossy surface so that the pigments stay on top allowing them to be washed or distributed; watercolour markers don’t work for me on w/c paper as the pigments will be absorbed into the paper, sort of blotting. The paper is actually pure white, but inadvertently, the photography process paints it blue.

The two types with all those curves took me more than once to set up and I needed to start over again on a new page. The shiny wood floor reflects the image, which I used to set each chair “down on solid ground”, as opposed to “floating in the air”.


Author: John Hofman

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