Plein-air pen and wash on paper

Nanaimo Centennial Museum Building


This building is located in Pipers Park at 100 Cameron Road, on top of a knoll overlooking Front Street and the commercial harbour; another feature only found in downtown Nanaimo. Currently, it is the home of the Vancouver Island military Museum.

This poured in place concrete building was constructed in the 1960’s with an octagonal shaped footprint, and a sloped roof giving it a uniquely architectural shape that reminds me of some prominently domed  buildings only found in major centres on this continent or in Europe. The local architect who designed it, skillfully applied subtle detailing to the exterior wall/window layout. The large roof overhang acts as a canopy deflecting the rain, thus making  the walkway/balcony around the perimeter functional for our climatic conditions. The murals depicting military settings were applied only a few years ago replacing the heritage scenes reflecting the original use by the Nanaimo museum and the Nanaimo archives.


Work in Progress

I made this sketch using a dip pen with a very small nib reminding me of my school days. I found it in a box with mostly forgotten stuff. I like dip pens for sketching, but this one turned out to be a disappointment, as it scratched way too much; it will probably be returned to its old spot.

The drawing did not get a watercolor wash yet as I needed the time today to prepare for the upcoming 100 people sketches with a time limit from March 6 to March 10, referred to as “one week 100 people”. I never really got trained to sketch people in life drawing classes or otherwise, but like to look at this as a challenge or motivation to improve people drawing skills.




Author: John Hofman

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3 thoughts on “Nanaimo Centennial Museum Building

  1. a lovely sketch:) looking forward to the results of life drawing challenge!

  2. Good luck with your 100 people. It’s on my bucket list for ‘Some year when I feel like I have a clue about this painting thing.’

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