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+20 People for Day Two

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Today I went to the Library to sketch people for the #OneWeek100People2017 event. It is easier to learn to draw buildings, cars or almost anything, except people; they don’t sit or stand still any longer than 10 seconds or so.

Occasionally one can get lucky. People tend to stare at their cellphone or a computer screen longer, providing an opportunity to quickly scribble an image of a person.

These were all library patrons that use the public computer terminals. Notice that most of them wear a cap and a heavy coat with a hood; they probably came in from the cold wet weather.

This sketching is a real challenge and becomes entertaining. I set out to use no more than 3 minutes per drawing. That turned out to be wishful thinking, as the subject generally moves an arm, a leg or shifts the whole body much sooner than that. Sometimes you have to abandon the drawing after a few lines as your subject packs up and walks away. One fellow next to me was sleeping in his chair with a cellphone in his hand until the librarian came out to wake him up, as sleeping is considered unacceptable in the library’s protocol.


Author: John Hofman

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One thought on “+20 People for Day Two

  1. I had to smile because “turned out to be wishful thinking” was exactly what happened to me too when I started this challenge on Monday:-)

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