Plein-air pen and wash on paper

Three Pigments

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Only three pigments were used for today’s very small picture (5″×7″); alizarin, raw sienna and ultramarine blue.

Lighthouse Bistro

It was kind of experimental, but turned out to be lots of fun, as I tried to keep it “loose”. Generally, this means that one paints overall shapes with tonal  values and avoiding details, while still keeping it a representation of the real world, as opposed to an abstraction. It would also imply to edit the reference photo,  by deleting items or moving things around, or even adding objects and figures.

The other difference from my usual work procedure is that I started out with a thin wash over the whole area letting the three colours mingle on the paper, leaving some random white spots and the white cabins of the boats. After it was dry, a second slightly darker wash was added in selected areas. This was repeated with even darker color mixes here and there as necessary to create depth and form, and generally make it look “right”. Somewhere along the line you have to decide to quit as it is easy to get carried away.

I will probably repeat this particular scene again on a new day using a larger sheet and determine at that time what worked or what needs to change.


Author: John Hofman

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One thought on “Three Pigments

  1. Love the way the colours blend together

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