Plein-air pen and wash on paper

Stonehenge Aqua

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Today I had time to paint again, using one of the samples of the Stonehenge Aqua paper provided by Iron Oxide. The ink pen glides nicely over the surface of this hot pressed paper, and it also accepts the watercolor washes very well.

Lighthouse Bistro of March 31.

On the ‘legion paper’ website one can find an application form for this set of samples, about 8″ × 10″ in size and comprised of one of each: hot pressed, cold pressed and rough paper. According to their website this is applicable to the US and to Canada.

This building located in the Nanaimo Harbour is an “iconic” structure, to my liking anyways, as it has these large sloped roofs in various shapes plus a tower; it looks really attractive from any direction. This may be somewhat of a biased opinion as I  like the IPA beer that is on tap from the bar on the second floor of this building.


Author: John Hofman

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One thought on “Stonehenge Aqua

  1. On your first version, I was wondering if you rewarded yourself with a pint — but then you explained that the rain came on and you had to make a hasty retreat on your bike. I hope that this time you definitely got to enjoy your IPA because this is great. So lovely and loose!

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