Plein-air pen and wash on paper

Princess Superior

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The second sheet of Stonehenge Aqua paper was used for this harbour scene looking out from our living room window. This paper is 140#, cold pressed.

The boat in the front is named Princess Superior. It comes and goes regularly to deliver or pick up containers I think. The boat beyond is an ocean liner that loads logs, presumably for export to foreign countries. Sometimes there are two of these moored to be loaded with logs more or less at the same time.

Princess Superior

This sketch is somewhat unusual for me in that the subject is portrayed against the light resulting in very dark areas. To get these darks l mix two pigments on my palette and then brush it on the paper while carefully dipping pure pigment of the original colours in the wet wash to avoid a uniform grey and to get around back washes.

There is one sheet of the Stonehenge Aqua sample pack left. It is of the 300# quality with a rough surface. I am trying to save this one for an on-location session; hopefully tomorrow if the weather cooperates.


Author: John Hofman

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One thought on “Princess Superior

  1. You’ve got the water just perfectly!

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