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Sunshine on Monday

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We had a blue sky today, enough reason to go for a bike ride and make some sketches en route.


My first stop was on the waterfront Plaza on a bench with a view of the Bastion at 9:00 in the morning when the sun lights up the left side of this wooden tower. The trees are still in winter mode; a Gary oak on the left and a weeping willow on the right.

My next stop was at Swyalana Lagoon with a view at the Lighthouse Bistro, not the first or the last time that I stopped here to make a similar sketch.

Lighthouse Bistro

After that I started my bike trip in earnest, across town along Townsite Road to the Parkway Trail, which will get you to Woodgrove. There I visited the bookstore and a coffee shop  before heading back to town along the E&N Trail.

At the Nanaimo Yacht Club marina, closer to downtown, are some benches and pick-nick tables where one has this view of Maffeo Sutton Park and Front Street.

Concrete highrises

To the left is a Condominium building, refered to as the Pacifica, and the tall building to the right is a rental apartment. Next to it is another condominium building in wood framing that was fairly recently finished and is now occupied. In the foreground is the Millstone River Estuary at low tide.

These sketches were done quickly as the wind is still cold and will ‘freeze’ your fingers if you sit still for too long.


Author: John Hofman

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One thought on “Sunshine on Monday

  1. A nice series John, we are becoming familiar with your waterfront. Wish I could get over there.

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