Plein-air pen and wash on paper

Shaw Residence

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This heritage building is located at 41 Chapel Street in downtown Nanaimuo. According to the City’s heritage website, it was build in 1921 and is referred to as the Shaw Residence.

#41 Chapel Street

The front or street side of this building is shown here. The back of the building is more spectacular in that it is supported on piles overhanging a steep slope, almost vertical. No backyard to worry about, just don’t let the dog out through the backdoor.

Today the weather was so nice that I had to get out of the studio and settle down somewhere in the sun from where I made this sketch. When I started out, there was a neat old fashioned panel truck parked in front of the building; unfortunately it  moved along shortly after.

Instead, a few minutes later, a tow truck parked in the same spot. It seemed a safe bet to start drawing this thing when I noticed that the driver put money in the parking meter.  Turns out that there was just enough time to get it sketched up before the man returned and took off.


Author: John Hofman

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One thought on “Shaw Residence

  1. A wonderful sketch John, can’t contrul traffic. at least the tow truck didn’t obscure the house.

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