Plein-air pen and wash on paper

Chase River Estuary

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This estuary  park is located at the south end of Halliburton Street. It is a natural setting with a boardwalk leading visitors to an observation platform. The Chase River traverses this little nature reserve before it discharges into the ocean. It is more of a creek than a river in the summer.

It is one of my favourite stops along the southern bike route. Today I decided to make a sketch from this spot using only a brush; no pen or even a pencil. However I did make a little value sketch to be used as a ‘blueprint’. This park looks fairly grey  in wintry colors as only a few bushes and the grass have already turned green; a yellowish spring green. Some of the colors in my sketch are just a result of wishful thinking.

It is not a subject that I typically choose  when plein air sketching. In this type of scenery there are no man-made or rigid elements to ‘hang your hat on’; not even a shed, a wall, a fence or some rock formations that could be helpful.

Nevertheless, time was flying and I had fun doing this without any visitors during the time that I was sitting there. This scene or location calls for a repeat sketch as it could change dramatically when most of the trees will have their leaves, probably in a couple of weeks.


Author: John Hofman

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