Plein-air pen and wash on paper

Robins Grove

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This building’s magnificent architectural shapes were difficult to draw, as the late afternoon sun illuminating the left side of the building caused deep shadows on the side facing me. The contrast of light to dark was so much that it was difficult to see how the dormers joined up with the sloping roof lines. Here is a case where one has to dig into the old bag of tricks and/or rely on experience to make it look right to a casual observer. I know what you might be thinking, however, this is not the same as fudging it.

This apartment is situated in a park-like setting that was once referred too as Robins Gardens. It is still listed under that name in the City’s Heritage register as publicized on their website here. Many of the heritage trees that were planted in this garden about a hundred years ago are still preserved. The tree that is partially shown here is huge; I think it is a beech tree.

This sketch was produced with pen and ink, then rendered with a watercolour wash on drawing paper made of wood pulp that is sold as student grade watercolour paper. It is quite suitable for drawing with a pen and works for watercolour as well but is less desirable in that application when compared to the real stuff.


Author: John Hofman

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One thought on “Robins Grove

  1. It’s beautiful and you made it work, in spite of the difficult lighting. Great piece.

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