Plein-air pen and wash on paper

View from City Hall

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This morning we woke up from boats’ whistles signaling a dense fog over the harbour, that eventually got cleared off by the sun.

That is when I settled down in a rock garden in front of City hall to sketch this view over the city.


It is a nice spot that is blessed with flowers an away from the “beaten path” providing a wide view over the general downtown area. The paper format on hand allowed only a narrow vertical slice. I anticipate returning here with a wide sheet of paper (panorama format) to cover a broader view sometime this spring or summer. That will take much longer to draw requiring an early morning start so that the sun illuminates the scene from the side creating alternating dark and light areas that make the picture more interesting.

Note: I replaced yesterday’s photograph as it was too blue. Some day I hope to figure out how to make proper photos from pictures.


Author: John Hofman

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