Plein-air pen and wash on paper

Bastion City


Today I rode my bike along the waterfront and stopped at one of the many marinas that are lined up along the Newcastle Channel.
Similar to many boats that rarely move, this boat is moored and carries the name “BASTION CITY”. It comes alive during the last weekend in July when the bath-tub racing festivities take place. This is an annual fun event for everyone with a program for this year that can be found here

This peculiarly shaped vessel can be seen cruising around the harbour accommodating a significant number of revellers during bath-tub racing weekend. Another large boat shaped like a bath tub and hosting boisterous passengers, is also a common sight during this marine festival in the waterways that are flanking the city.

I spent most of my time drawing rather than painting, as there is so much that needs measuring and to look out for. This sketch was produced in a Stillman & Birn watermedia sketchbook, 9″×12″, that I usually only use when “out of town” as it is an expensive thing. I will probably put it to good use in the coming weeks, now that we are planning to visit some cities in Quebec.


Author: John Hofman

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2 thoughts on “Bastion City

  1. Isn’t it curious how we can really love certain colours? These are my favourite … makes me think, if one could take only two colours to a desert island, what would they be? 🙂

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