Plein-air pen and wash on paper


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Last Sunday I tried out a new sketchbook. It is cold pressed, 140 lbs water-colour paper with 100% cotton. It is produced by the Bee Paper Company and is locally available from Iron Oxide in various formats. I bought the 8.5″ x 11″ version. A spiral ring allows you to fold over the book or individual sheets 360°.

This is a scene at Maffeo Sutton park of a fundraiser for the Canadian Mental Health Association; a public event that I happened to walk into. In this park, a wide variety of activities are taking place almost every weekend during the summer. The following comment has no connection at all with this event,however,I read somewhere that drawing and painting activities have been recommended for mental health therapy. Perhaps one of the reasons that many people enjoy this as a hobby.

They used the bandstand (not shown in this picture) for announcements and speeches and played prerecorded spanish guitar music in the background; very entertaining and relaxing, and a real departure from the usual loud rock music.

I was very pleased with the paper. The pen will glide nicely over the surface and the pigments distribute very well, generally meeting the expectations for watercolour papers.

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