Plein-air pen and wash on paper



About halfway on my way to the north end of town on the parkway trail I decided to turn off and follow a trail trough the woods going downhill that ends up on Maxey Road. Generally, steep descending trails are to be avoided, as one will eventually be faced with hard work climbing out of the valley.

I arrived in an idyllic rural area with connecting acreages, farmland and wooded areas, and with bridge crossings of the Millstone river here and there.

To my surprise there was this old Ford truck displayed along the road.

I settled down in a shady spot on the opposite side of the road and made this picture.

A half a kilometer south of this location is an antique tractor parked that I sketched a few years ago with a PAN Monday morning paint out. I had forgotten about it until I passed it on my way out of the river valley.

Author: John Hofman

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3 thoughts on “Ford

  1. This is great, John. You should enter it into the James Gurney challenge:

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