Plein-air pen and wash on paper

Tilicum Lelum Centre

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This morning the conditions were perfect for sketching outside. I found a spot on the sidewalk at the corner of Needham and Haliburton. The friendly owners of R-U Computing offered me a chair to sit comfortably in the shade of their shop with a view of the old church building across the street. The building is now referred to as Tillicum Lelum Centre and was also the subject in my post of April 25, 2016 looking at if from the other side.

Comparing the “grey-scale” photograph below with the initial pen sketch, it is obvious that I took some liberties with the actual scene by deleting or moving items. This is not unjustifiable considering that the final product has to be able to stand on its own after everything is said and done.

For example the big hydro pole is isolated and would divide the picture in two; it was left out. The traffic sign coincides with the corner of the tower, which can be confusing as they are unrelated objects. I moved if over rather than deleting it as it bridges the foreground to the middle ground by crossing the long sandstone wall. The corner of the house was deleted to keep it simple; it does not contribute to the scene but might be distracting the viewer’s attention away from the main subject. Generally, I like the bright red and yellow colour touches of fire hydrants but left it out this time and painted the front gate in red.





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