Plein-air pen and wash on paper

Crossing the Finish


This building on Front Street is known as the old Globe Hotel.
It has a mansard roof just like many buildings in Quebec. It was originally constructed with brick masonry, but has been plastered over since then. There is a spot across the street in the shade and out of the wind, which is still cold for the time of year, and where I could sit down.

Yesterday’s sketch was finished on an 8.5″×11″ sheet of watercolour paper in a sketchbook.

Today”s sketch on 11″×14″ Fabriano cold pressed paper needs some more work before it is finished.

I used a dip pen and brown ink for the initial sketch. It is not very practical to manipulate the pen, inkpot and paper while sitting outside on a little stool. However, it is a pleasure to have this pen skating over the paper surface resulting in linework of varying width.


Author: John Hofman

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4 thoughts on “Crossing the Finish

  1. Beautiful work, you know I prefer the original sketch John, much cleaner.

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