Plein-air pen and wash on paper

The Malaspina College, VIU.


There are several comfortable benches on the campus of the Vancouver Island University (VIU) such as the one in front of the cafeteria with a view of the library building.

I settled in for a couple of hours to carefully draw the front of this building facade with all the frivolous architectural details.

Notice that above the lettering “Library” their is a faint picture of an arbutus tree that I tried to copy. This used to be the emblem of the Malaspina College, now referred to as the VIU. This institution appears to be ever expanding and is a real asset for the people of Nanaimo and the mid-island in general.

One has to be in good physical shape to attend school or work on this campus, as the stairs from the bottom to the top of the hill probably count close to 200 steps.

Author: John Hofman

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4 thoughts on “The Malaspina College, VIU.

  1. Super sketch John, very complicated projections fro the building.

  2. Thank you Doug. Took my time on this one.

  3. As someone who works in this building (under normal conditions) – I love it.

    May I use this image in my student talks when I show them where my office is? I will credit you of course! We are up on the fourth floor, basically directly above Starbucks.

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