Plein-air pen and wash on paper



The waterfront park in downtown Nanaimo is well used by visitors and locals alike at this time of the year. So it is busy but not crowded leaving adequate room for “social distancing”.

Usually, I take my little folding chair along to get the best choice for a spot to draw and paint. Yesterday I sketched the Lighthouse Bistro, another Nanaimo icon, possibly for the tenth time or so. There is a restaurant and bar in this building, and it serves as a floatplane terminal. This combination attracts a lot of attention from visitors.

8.5”x11”Fabriano, 140 lbs. hot press paper.

The building sits on wooden piles in the ocean. The concrete walkway is supported on concrete piers.

Today the sky was overcast and a much colder wind coming from the opposite direction made me decide to sit on the opposite side of the park. The yacht-club operates a sailing school for kids. This is fun to watch. Occasionally, one of these little sailing vessels tips over and it is amazing to see how quickly and efficiently these young sailors get their boat back in the upright position.

Incoming tide along the seawall.
8.5”x11”Fabriano, 140 lbs. hot press paper.

Author: John Hofman

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2 thoughts on “Maffeo-sutton

  1. Nice work John, that lighthouse building is complicated. Love the yacht club.

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