Plein-air pen and wash on paper

Common Foundry.


This is a very nice little store where they sell fountain pens and carbon inks to go with it. In the window of this store it says “Stationery well curated“. The building is part of a cluster of small retail buildings, attractively renovated in heritage style.

Across the street from it is a mini park with a bench under a tree that I used occasionally to sit down and sketch. There are two views from that spot; one looking at some buildings and trees on the hill across the highway, and the other one looking at the Common Foundry store.

The Common Foundry. Sketch in 8×10” sketchbook.

Over the years, I probably sketched this a dozen times or so. Today, when I was almost finished, we got a cloudburst. I had to run for cover and stand pat for 20 minutes.

In the afternoon the showers kept coming and going. The studio seemed to be the ideal place to shelter and make a painting from my collection of photographs.

Nanaimo Commercial Street, on hot pressed watercolour paper, 8.5×11”.

I may do this again tomorrow as it is stimulating to work on real water colour paper of 100% cotton fibre while having my favourite CBC radio station playing music in the background.

Author: John Hofman

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2 thoughts on “Common Foundry.

  1. You paint a good picture John both in words and paint. You are lucky to have a pen store in town.

  2. Yes, hopefully they will survive the covid slowdown.
    I prefer local services many times over amazon etc.

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