Plein-air pen and wash on paper

Another Day Indoors.


Today I used a photograph to make a painting of some heritage buildings in Nanaimo. These are located down the road from yesterday’s picture.

At the confluence of Commercial Street and Church Street. 8.5”x11” on Fabriano hot pressed water colour paper.

Author: John Hofman

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2 thoughts on “Another Day Indoors.

  1. Interesting. Do you find it difficult to sketch in your usual style in the studio? I do.

  2. When doing this kind of scene in the studio, usually for my art dealer, I have a completely different approach from sketching outside. In this case I use an “App” to generate a grid over my photograph to get a fairly
    precise copy. One can add or delete items shown in the photo but the perspective and configuration of the building needs to be close to reality or it won’t sell. So the drawing part can be somewhat boring, but the painting part can still be fun.
    When sketching outside, every picture is an adventure, a challenge , fun or and sometimes frustrating etc, but generally entertaining; one can take chances without worrying about the outcome.

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