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Tourist Season

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Artzi Stuff, who sells my 8.5” x 11” pictures, sometimes needs some new work that is representative of Nanaimo to offer to the many visitors that come into the store. One of the main attractions along the waterfront is the Bastion, an 18th century outpost of the Hudson Bay Company and the number one icon of Nanaimo.

People from the BC Interior and from the prairies converge on the West-coast since the travel gates have been opened again. Between May and October we get a fair share of visitors here in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, except for last year with the Covid 19 lockdown.

Lately, I have been busy in the studio producing facsimiles of Nanaimo scenery. It may be repetitive or somewhat boring but the space is air-conditioned and it is more efficient to turn out work than sitting outside in the heat. Yesterday, I made three pictures of the Bastion from different view points, using my own photographs with some tweaking here and there.

The Bastion viewed from Bastion Street.
The Bastion from the Pioneer Plaza side.
Bastion as can be seen from the Dorchester Hotel parking area.

These pictures are dated, as the weeping willow shown on the left hand side has been cut back significantly.

Author: John Hofman

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