Plein-air pen and wash on paper

Summer is waning

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It seems or feels like the temperature is dropping and the rainy season is returning. Time to enjoy some more outdoor sketching before it is too late. There are still a lot of visitors around town, judging by the licence plates on cars and people sitting on the patio of restaurants, bars and coffee shops. It gives the town a festive atmosphere.

This is particularly evident at the waterfront, such as Maffeo-sutton park, where I settled down the other day taking my time to do some sketching.

Maffeo-Sutton park. 7×10” sketch book from Fabriano (1264) using pen and ink plus watercolour with water brushes.

Yesterday I picked a spot on the crabbing pier to sketch the lighthouse bistro. Unfortunately, the sun hid behind the clouds soon after I started. It is a lot easier and more fun to work when the sun paints objects to provide colour and shadow shapes.

Lighthouse Bistro. 9×12” sketchbook, a Fabriano 1264 product that is now locally available at Iron Oxide.

Somehow the float plain ended up in a position where it looks like an extension of the ramp; a faux pas. Oh well, there is always next time. It started to rain by the time I got home.

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