Plein-air pen and wash on paper

Sketchbook 2015

Most of these sketches were produced in 2015 and 2016 on location using a variety of sketch books. Smooth papers make the pen glide better, while papers with some grit can provide better results in distributing watercolour pigments over surfaces.

Some of the originals sold at the annual artwalk in Nanaimo, some of these are for sale at Artzi Stuff on Commercial Street in Nanaimo, and the remainder were demolished when the Jean Burns building where we leased a studio space burned down at the end of March in 2016.





2 thoughts on “Sketchbook 2015

  1. Excellent work John, great control of lighting and perspective. Hope all is well.

    • hi Brian, thanks for your comments.
      Sorry it took this long to respond.
      I have been neglecting my website for some time as other involvements kept me busy, but still do regular sketching and painting.

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