Plein-air pen and wash on paper


Monday’s Mundane Display

Last Monday we went out to sketch in the vicinity of the Yacht club. I found a comfortable spot on a bench in the shade of a large cedar tree with a view of the end of the parking lot from where I look down on some anchors that were displayed in the shade of two dumpsters. I ignored the portable toilet in the background as it was not well placed to include it in this “still life” setting.

I always use a viewfinder to fit the scene on my page and go from there. A dull subject? Sure, but once you get started with measuring, drawing and making decisions along the way, it becomes interesting enough that you want to finish it. During the one hour that it took to do this, the light and the shadow shapes keep changing significantly which adds to the excitement of the sketching process.


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Beachcombers Park

This week’s paint-out was at Beachcombers Park in Nanoose. This is a few acres of land jutting into the bay, with mature second-growth trees with a lot of gravelly and rocky beaches.

I spotted another Gary Oak as my model. This one growing on a bluff with some other wind-blown trees. I used a quarter sheet of cold pressed paper for a pen and ink sketch with watercolour.

It was a nice morning to sit out there fer a couple of hours minus the mosquito bites.

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Pipers Lagoon Park

Today we were at Pipers Lagoon Park and at Wheatcroft Park for our Monday morning paint-out. Some people struggled to keep their easel upright as there was a strong and cold wind blowing off the ocean.

I found a quiet spot with a view of this Gary Oak; a magnificent tree with a number of branches that are typically tangled up and connected to a short stem which is clinging to the side of a rock. It is an indigenous species with a limited range, somewhere from the southern B.C. coastline extending into Washington.

After two hours of this my hands seemed like they were frozen and I was glad to find shelter at Derek’s place for some hot coffee and oatcakes; thank you Derek and Kathryn.

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It seems that in the last century, people went to great lengths to design and built unique churches, particularly the towers.
This one has an interesting steeple which peaks through organic shapes pointing at the sky, possibly aiming for the heavens.

A quarter sheet of Arches, using pen and brown ink with watercolours, produced on location from a vantage point in Polson Park.

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Today we stopped in Vernon where I noticed this magnificent church building. It is the back side of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church as viewed from the dead ended 26th Street, where there happened to be a large shade tree.

It took me a while to get these roof shapes down on a 11″ x 15″ sheet of Fabriano cold press paper in some reasonable proportions and scale.

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Art 10 Anniversary Celebration

Last weekend the members of Art 10 celebrated their 35th anniversary.

Our membership took turns in demonstrating their method of working in the large space in front of the gallery.
Many visitors to the mall stopped by to look and ask questions. It turned out to be a well attended and fun event for the many visitors as well as for the hosts.

A reception on Saturday afternoon was also very busy and well received.

I always wanted to make a sketch of the gallery from a viewpoint across the mall; this was a perfect opportunity.

Saturday was used to set up the pen drawing which was completed on Sunday with watercolours even though I had a fair amount of interruptions from visitors and took some breaks for looking around what my colleagues were doing.

Some minor touch-ups were necessary back in the studio. I used a 12″×16″ Fabriano watercolour block with 140 lb. cold pressed paper for this picture.